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Thanks for downloading pixabella04, my first tech inspired template. This 3 column, content first template is valid XHTML transitional, and includes two page layouts, a sidebar-content-sidebar and content-sidebar-sidebar. This text is bold, this is underlined, and this is italic. Links are grey, but change to green on hover in the main content pane, but are green only in the sidebars.

This page shows examples of blog entries using Pixabella04. Hope you like it.


Pixabella04 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Please read and agree to the terms contained within this attribution so you understand the usage agreements.

Example entry

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About Us

Every website needs an about us page, and the sidebar is the perfect place to give a quick overview.

Of course, you could just keep going, maybe provide your entire about us page right here, but will they read it?

By using the sidebar to give some details about your company, you are providing context on every page for customers who may begin their visit on another page.

Once you've got their attention, simply get them to click the link to your main about us page. Read more about us.